An environment for kids without parents to thrive

Nurturing the natural talent and magic living inside of all of us

What is Awesomage?

Well, let’s take an orphanage and make it as Awesome as we can
possibly make it. We create stimulating, safe, and sustainable homes
in which we deliver education, development, health, fitness, play and love to unlock the potential of the kids we have the privilege to look

To ensure the quality of our teams we also train all of the mentors to
facilitate the perfect conditions for each Awesomage.

We are powered by smart, sustainable business partners and support from beautiful souls.

Our Mission

To reimagine and deliver what is possible in housing,
care, education, and support for children.

Did you know that there are 130 million orphans
worldwide? When you think of an orphanage what
comes to mind? Think about it.. No really think about

That’s what we are changing. Every aspect of what just
came into your mind.

We are creating world-class environments to raise
children, offering high-level education in all aspects of
life and giving the children we look after access to the
best opportunities that the world has to offer.

Want to get involved in this revolution?

Support The Awesomage

We believe that there are new, efficient, effective and sustainable
models to solve some of the world’s challenges. We aim to make the
Awesomage self-sustaining.

However, like any startup we want to scale, so we do like it when
beautiful souls offer their help or donations.

If you would like to support Awesomage as an individual or as a
business you can do so below.

We are developing partnerships with businesses that are able to invest an ongoing percentage of their revenue to Awesomage.

Visit an

We are rolling out the Awesomage globally.

If you’d like to find out more or even visit an Awesomage, then we’d love to see you.

Get in touch to find the nearest Awesomage to you so you can see the magic we are creating together.

Want to Work at Awesomage?

We’re a fast growth startup in the most important
space in the world: nurturing, educating and giving
opportunity to the next generation of humans.

We’re looking for the perfect team to realize our
mission and we invite you to get involved.

If you have a big heart and would love to make a
genuine difference in the world, then we have full-time
roles, part-time roles, internships, and volunteer
positions available.

To find out more, get in touch.